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Welcome to Idaho Journee! I get asked all the time why "Idaho Journee" and why did we start this store-especially during a global pandemic. The short answer is HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and APPRECIATION of LIFESKILLS.


My own Idaho journey began about 15 years ago in a small northern town along the Canadian border of the panhandle. Our family was brought to this state for a job, but we stayed because of the people and the natural beauty of the west. We raised our five children in the mountain ranges that snuggle in between Montana and Washington, learning to be stewards of a small acreage, and all that entails. 

It was no coincidence that during this time I was surrounded by women who came alongside of me and taught me the skills I sorely lacked, but was anxious to try my hand at. Under them, I became a student of handicrafts, animal husbandry, gardening and food preservation, baking and nutritional cooking, home remedies, butchering and hunting, gathering wild edibles, teaching my children, and keeping my home. I absolutely fell in love with this way of living and am so grateful the Lord gave me those incredible years of growth for myself and my children. 

However, as life often does, situations arose and I found myself with a new challenge having to re-enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years.  


The echoes of these women rang through my memory and I wanted to open a store that showcased the stories of women across our state, a store that would highlight their creative journeys and the products they create for their families, friends, and communities. I roped the rest of my family in, and so you will often see my mom, dad, and kids in the shop working alongside of me. This shop would not be possible without their support.


We strive to bring items in to the shop that are unique, well crafted, and bring beauty to your life. We relish in telling the stories of the women (and men) who now call Idaho home, and how they became masters of their art; passionate about their craft.

Whether you are just starting your own Idaho journey, have lived here for generations, or are just curious about what our state produces, I'm so glad you stopped by. It is my hope that the beauty of the items we offer brings you hope and joy when you learn about the amazing artists behind each of them.

Jennifer Stidham
owner, Idaho Journee
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