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Idaho Journee Terms and Conditions

Idaho Journee reserves full creative control of the merchant's exhibition (placement in the shop), and reserves the right to reject for display any work deemed unsuitable for exhibition or work that is a hazard to the public, offensive, or deemed unfit for “family” audiences. Acceptance or rejection of a work will be at the sole discretion of Idaho Journee and all such decisions shall be final and non-negotiable.

Idaho Journee reserves the right to photograph any work/product displayed for the purpose of documentation and/or reproduction in publicity materials and social media outlets.

The Merchant agrees to complete an inventory sheet (provided) listing Medium (Content), Title, Dimensions, and retail price for each work, prior to delivery of exhibition. All insurance coverage including lost, stolen, or damaged product is the responsibility of the Merchant.

Idaho Journee accepts the product on consignment and agrees to pay the Merchant for items sold every 30 days. Unsold items will be returned to Merchant in original condition 6 months from the date of this contract, unless a renewal contract is signed. Idaho Journee reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time.

Upon approval, you will be sent a Merchant Contract and Inventory sheet, as well as set up a time to come drop off your product.


Thank you for your interest in becoming one of our featured merchants at Idaho Journee!