Truely a striking photographic print, Gillian opted to have this capture developed on 1/16" aluminum metal for a unique look with exceptional detail. Undergoing a process called "dye sublimation", this print comes alive with the beautiful hues of pinks and blushes.


Gillian is one of the amazing artists behind Oil & Acryllics. We love the way she allows her photography to speak for itself-stunning captures and gorgeous portraiture.


In her words: "Art is in my blood. I've drawn and painted my entire life, and now I use all of my experience and instinct to create unique photography. When I step behind my camera I focus on color, composition, and the story within the photographs. I believe that photography is an artistic and breathtaking way to show people the beauty within their life and all around them."


Bee on Bloom, photograph on metal

    • Measures 12" x 12"
    • printed on metal 
    • professionally printed to ensure highest quality standards
    • mounting system on back of print

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