One of the first things we appreciated when we saw Justin's amazing beard care line is the attention to the beard AND skin. These sandalwood combs have been made with both in mind. Naturally absorbent, sandalwood helps to evenly distribute oils through all strands of the beard, and eliminate static electricity that often results in using cheap plastic combs. This aromatic wood also acts as a natural massager and exfoliator that can strengthen hair folicles and increase blood flow to the face, promoting healthy skin to grow a better beard. 


Better Man Beard calls Boise home base, but Justin's products can be found making beards better all over the west coast, and keeps them coming back for more. Each product is a result of Justin's desire to help customers with beard care awareness and to achieve  "healthy beardly awesomeness" through using only quality ingredients. Better Beard Man oils and balms are formulated with only natural, organic ingredients and essential oils with special care to also appeal to those who are kissing those beards! This means no heavy, strong scents, but instead light and refreshing (but still manly!) notes from lavender, rosemary, and spruce. 

Better Man Beard Comb


    •  Measures 4" x 2.25"
    • Double sided comb-large and small teeth
    • Better Man Beard Logo
    • Sandalwood
    • Use daily

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