Bold contrasts and beautiful composition create this striking still life photograph from Gillian at Oil and Acrylics. This print has been developed on to a sustainably sourced, wood media. The natural wood base allows a slight graining to come through the print enhancing the overall feel and tone of the image. Due to the nature of the wood, each image is slightly different and entirely unique!


Gillian is one of the amazing artists behind Oil & Acryllics. We love the way she allows her photography to speak for itself-stunning captures and gorgeous portraiture.


In her words: "Art is in my blood. I've drawn and painted my entire life, and now I use all of my experience and instinct to create unique photography. When I step behind my camera I focus on color, composition, and the story within the photographs. I believe that photography is an artistic and breathtaking way to show people the beauty within their life and all around them."


Boat cleat, photograph on wood

    • Measures 10.75" x 13.75"
    • 1.5" depth wood base
    • professionally printed to ensure highest quality standards
    • natural finish
    • mounting system along edge of back of print

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