Hand crafted for the discerning artist, Mckenzie meticulously gathers materials from the wilds of Idaho and Oregon to make these original artist tools. This paintbrush boasts the softest Idaho elk hair placed with a fir handle, and wrapped with a metal wire to accentuate the transition from handle to brush tip. Mckenzie has a passion for preserving processes that were used centuries ago and designed these paintbrushes to honor wildlife "through the creation of tools that can be used to make art".


What will you create with this brush?


Mckenzie sets the bar high with her attention to detail and commitment to quality.  She works with unbridled curiosity and enthusiasm in the studio with paint, fabric, and found objects to create unique and eye catching products. 


From her bio: "I am a chemist, artist, educator, and curator. I am curious not only about the end result of the artistic process, but every element that goes into it. I have made, conserved, analyzed, written about, and taught art. I have crafted artists’ tools and re-created artistic processes that were used centuries ago."

Artisan Paintbrush

    • Measures: 8.75" long
    • Oregon fir handle
    • Idaho elk hair bristles
    • Due to the extremely soft nature of elk hair, Mckenzie applies gum arabic to the brush to maintain shape. This is easily rinsed off by the artist prior to use. 
    • Lovingly packaged on bark paper for a beautiful gift presentation
    • Use for light water media

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