Designed and woven into beautiful pattern and texture, this cream and brown striped rug brings the contrast of two worlds together. Angora goats were once raised almost exclusively for the white mohair they could produce. In very recent years, a resurgance of the rare and prized brown angora has found its way back into the hearts of breeders and artisans. This rug combines them both. 


These rugs are a paradoxal combination of luxury and durability. Angela's rugs are meant to withstand the test of time either as a rug underneath your feet or as a piece of Idaho art displayed on your wall. The rugs are washable and care instructions are included. 


This rug measurings 32.5" x 24" of the finest core and handspun mohair yarn. All of Angela's weaving is done on a heirloom quality Swedish loom that has its own dedicated room in their home.


This particular rug is finished with Angela's prefernce of a hemmed edge-her favorite way to trim her rugs. The hemmed edge holds up well to daily use and is mixed with silk fiber-those tiny white specks in the hem are the silk fibers! 


What makes this fiber so special, so sought after?

  • Mohair is the most luxurious goat hair fiber, similar to cashmere in it's quality and desirablility. 
  • Angela's family farm is known for their rare, and coveted, colored angora goats producing prized, naturally colored mohair.
  • The mohair has no barbs (unlike a sheep's wool), so it has a luster that reflects light in the most beautiful ways. 
  • Angora goats are extremely high maintenance and require expert husbandry skills to maintain the herd.
  • The goats are shorn only twice a year. The shearing is not a pelt or fleece like a sheep, but instead, the angora goats produce stunningly soft, long ringlet tendrils that must be taken at a specific length-no shorter, no longer.

Mohair Rug, Natural

    • Measures 32.5" x 24"
    • Weighs 2 lbs.
    • Natural colors 
    • Handspun and corespun yarn

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