It'll be hard to pick your favorite of these adorable teddy bears!  Available in three colors; charcoal black, wooly gray, and creamy white. Each bear wears a hand beaded necklace and every bear is unique, each with it's own distinct personality. Wynette masterfully creates facial features to fall in love with and that capture the imagination. All hand felted, hand stitched soft wool sure to be a treasure for years to come!


Wynette cares for three breeds of sheep at her ranch in Shoshone. The breeds were selected and are prized for the quality of their fiber and gentle dispositions. Raising a flock of about 20- Finn, Columbia/Finn, and Shetland- Wynette is able to create her products from wool that is soft, holds beautiful colors, and perfroms well in needle felting.


Wynette has a background in charcoal and oil artwork, and was introduced to felting out of a need. She needed a purse, and she had an abundance of wool so she decided to craft one for herself. It was the beginning of a creative journey that led to making items for family and friends, and eventually grew into her own business. Every product of Sleepy Moon Felted is an original, no patterns are used, making each completely one-of-a-kind and a treasure you'll be sure to cherish for years to come. 

Felted Wool Teddy Bear


    • black felted wool teddy bear
    • handmade
    • beaded necklace
    • PLEASE NOTE: This item does have small parts on it and may not be suitable for children. Beaded necklace and eyes.



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