Exclusive to Idaho Journee, this gift set contains RIVERKEEPER and WILDWOOD, two of Sarah's most loved scents and perfect for the Idaho home. 


Hand poured, clean burning, long lasting, wonderfully unique scents from Gypsy Vine candles. When we first spoke to Sarah, we were so impressed by every detail and the hours of research that have gone into her products to produce eco conscious, high quality results.  These candles are produced only in small batches ensuring strict quality control and outstanding performance. Sarah has the unique ability to join unexpected scents together in perfect aromatic harmony.


RIVERKEEPER: Inspired by the enduring ways of the wilderness. At the intersection of fluidity and stability, Riverkeeper embodies the presence of kindness in a world of natural beauty, pristine patterns and ancient mystery. Sandalwood & leather



Inspired by a landscape of birch and pine where the coolness of dusk meets the warmth of the forest. Pinecones lay scattered about underfoot and the faint smoke of a nearby campfire serves to remind that you are only a visitor in this great and untamed wilderness. Silver birch & pine cone. 


"At Gypsy Vine, we believe in the simple pleasures of life. That's why our candles only have four ingredients:

Natural Soy Wax

Cotton-core Wicks

Phthalate-free Fragrances

Pure Essential Oils


Deliberately free of paraffin, animal cruelty, pesticides, toxins, cheap fillers and secrets, our products are long-lasting, sustainable and safe.


Derived from nature and inspired by the places we hold dearest, each batch is hand poured and consciously crafted for an Earth-friendly and enjoyable aromatic experience."

GypsyVine Gift Set

    • natural soy wax
    • cotton-core wicks
    • phthalate-free fragrances
    • pure essential oils
    • long burn time-up to 45 hours
    • amber colored glass jar
    • derived from nature and inspired by Idaho 

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