Rugged with a touch of refinement, these card pouches by Lara at Hide and Hive Dry Goods are perfectly sized to carry the essentials. Each pouch is hand-stitched and made of beautiful USA sourced leather pieces. Brass button fasten keeps contents secure and is built to last. Style #9 is the only hair-on hide and has a great look! This listing includes style #7-9. Please see additional listing for more style options.


Style 1: Deep, rich chocolate smooth leather

Style 2: Slightly lighter than style 1-milk chocolate leather. This particular pouch has slightly more capacity than style 1 with the way this leather piece lays.

Style 3: Chestnut toned pebbled leather

Style 4: Smooth tobacco brown. 

Style 5: Smooth natural saddle leather

Style 6: Deep walnut, pebbled leather

Style 7: Smooth chestnut leather

Style 8: Slightly larger cut 4.5" x 3". Light chocolate color similar to style 2

Style 9: Hair-on hide

Lara has committed to a sustainable lifestyle, passionate about consiencoius stewardship of the land she lives on and the rivers she works on. Her products are a result of years of learning and an apprentiecship under a skilled lorimer. Lara has now expanded into her own business, and honors traditional methods for making useful, purposeful, and extremely durable everyday tools and products. You will find her style to be the epitome of Idaho beauty and ruggedness resulting in products that can be used for generations to come. 


Need a custom leather piece? Lara can easily accomodate custom orders for knife pouches, holsters, purses, axe sheath, and much more. Please contact her directly for more information. 

Handcrafted Leather Card Pouch Wallets, Style #7-9

    • Measures - appx 4.25" x 2.75"
    • Variety of natural hides and textures available
    • Hand-stiched edges
    • Brass fastener
    • Soft brushed interior 
    • Perfect solution for carrying credit cards, drivers license, cash, business cards, and more! 
    • Makes a thoughful gift for a man or woman-both rugged and refined
    • Could be a great way to carry an emergency sewing kit, flint and steel, extra blades for a box knife, or so much more

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