Very generous bundles of lavender from Mackay, Idaho. A French variety boasting long stems, these bundles make a perfect addition to home decor or use in crafts. 


The town of Mackay (pronounced MAH-KEE) is one of Idaho's tiniest gems nestled at the base of Mt. Borah, and home to a lucky few.  Tagen's family farm, Lost River Lavender, takes it's name from the range and river of the same that go through this area. A natural choice for such an idyllic setting, Tagen's lavender field is at home in Idaho's beauty.


Professionalism marks Tagen's work, and each of her products are the result of research and careful attention to every aspect-- from the soil that nourishes her lavender plants, to the gorgeous packaging she designs herself. 

Lavender Bundles

    • French lavender bundle
    • wrapped in brown paper with ribbon and Lost River Lavender tag
    • bundles are appx 9" in circumference
    • grown and harvested in Mackay, Idaho
    • long stemmed, appx 18"
    • fragrant

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