Little Sniffles, starting at $6. For the younger ones, this alternative to the popular adult vapor rub contains all the best ingredients to help soothe those little guys. Coconut oil and beeswax work together with mango butter to provide a nourishing base for this balm. Plant Therapy proprietary blends, "sniffle stopper" and "sneezy stop" oil blend made in Idaho are added for maximum relief. 


Karen and her husband Frank began a simple journey to put in a home-orchard on their farm about 10 years ago. Looking for solutions to help their fruit trees thrive, they began researching bee keeping... and they never looked back! Now planting fields of forage specifically for their buzzing friends, Karen and Frank are dedicated to the preservation and well being of honey bees in Idaho. Enjoy one of the many products they've produced utilizing their benefical honey, wax, and comb and experience the difference yourself!




Little Sniffles

    • 1 oz tin: $6
    • BEST VALUE 2 oz tin: $10
    • INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, beeswax, mango butter, Plant Therapy essential oil blends "sniffle stopper" and "sneezy  stop" 

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