Cozy buttermilk creams seemingly lather and froth together in this corespun rug with handspun hem. The versitility of this muted pallette evokes a feeling of home in any decor. 


These rugs are a paradoxal combination of luxury and durability. Angela's rugs are meant to withstand the test of time either as a rug underneath your feet or as a piece of Idaho art displayed on your wall. The rugs are washable and care instructions are included. 


This rug measures 24" x 34" of the finest corespun mohair yarn. All of Angela's weaving is done on a heirloom quality Swedish loom that has its own dedicated room in their home.


This particular rug is finished with Angela's prefernce of a hemmed edge-her favorite way to trim her rugs. The hemmed edge holds up well to daily use and is mixed with silk fiber-those tiny white specks in the hem are the silk fibers! 


What makes this fiber so special, so sought after?

  • Mohair is the most luxurious goat hair fiber, similar to cashmere in it's quality and desirablility. 
  • Angela's family farm is known for their rare, and coveted, colored angora goats producing prized, naturally colored mohair.
  • The mohair has no barbs (unlike a sheep's wool), so it has a luster that reflects light in the most beautiful ways. 
  • Angora goats are extremely high maintenance and require expert husbandry skills to maintain the herd.
  • The goats are shorn only twice a year. The shearing is not a pelt or fleece like a sheep, but instead, the angora goats produce stunningly soft, long ringlet tendrils that must be taken at a specific length-no shorter, no longer.

Mohair Rug, Natural White

    • Measures 24" x 34"
    • Weighs 3.25 lbs.
    • Natural white 
    • Corespun yarn with a handspun hem

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