Pine needles intricrately woven around a large polished and cut piece of exquisite cheetah stone with druzy (crystalized formations along the stone fracture). Sliced walnuts uniquely punctuate this orignal design by Beverly.


Beverly has mastered many art forms through the years, always creating, always learning. Her knowledge and skill for the perfection of the fine has now transffered over into her latest love: pine needle basket weaving and gourd pyrography.


Each basket takes its form que from the central stone it buillds upon. The stones are cut and polished by Beverly's husband with the highest care and knowledge of each stone being used. The long pine needles she uses are typically 15-24" in length. Beverly often uses artifical sinew to join the needles, but also will use waxed hemp to make her designs come to life. 


Pine Needle Basket, "Gorgeous George"

    • Measures - appx 9.5" x 2"
    • Stone is cheetah
    • Woven with sliced walnuts 

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