Little in stature, but mighty in presence. This gourd took on Beverly's interpretation of a traditional Native American squash blossom necklace. The "V" shape opening mirrors the neckline coming to a point in the splendor of the - stone. Hand painted, stained color pattern lavishes upon the gourd bringing its personality to life. This piece also boasts hand carving in the design only emphasizing the natural beauty of the material.


Beverly has mastered many art forms through the years, always creating, always learning. Her knowledge and skill for the perfection of the fine has now transffered over into her latest love: pine needle basket weaving and gourd pyrography.


Each gourd takes its personality from the gourd itself. Beverly says that she lets the shape speak to her and the design flows from that. Each piece is completely unique and original. On her polished pieces, these gourds undergo five stages of sanding to obtain their luster, each stage utilizing a finer and finer grit sandpaper. All the color in the gourd comes from stains, not paint, handpainted on by Beverly with fine-tipped paintbrushes. Stones are hand cut and polished by Beverly's husband to perfection as the crown jewel in the piece. 

Pyrography Gourd, "Keri" SOLD

    • Measures - appx  8" wide x 5" tall
    • Stone is turquoise

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