Custom quilled letters by Beth. Detailed swirled layers of quilled paper in fun and exciting papers to bring a bright spot to any room. These letters are very three dimentional with stacked pieces, twirls, and swirls, and beads!


Any letter available, just request the letter and any other specifics you may have such as particular colors you'd like to see (or not see) and if there are any fun embellishments you'd like to add, such as the dragonfly on the "H" seen here. 


Beth has been quilling for years, first getting her start in this lost art at the office. Sitting at her desk, she found that working with paper kept her hands busy, and was a stress reliever. Over time, it became a hobby that became a business. Now her creations bring smiles and joy to their admirers and are perfect for unique and special gifts. 


Quilled Letters, large

    • Measures appx: 8 tall"
    • On finished wood backing



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