Watercolorist Susan Cooper presents, "Summer Fare", an orignal print with gorgeous white flowers on emerald green background. Perfect detail in every flower captures the texture and almost the fragrance of these beautiful blooms.


Susan has been working with watercolor for over 30 years and enjoys capturing a variety of subject matter ranging from her travels to Africa to her love for her home and family. Her personal favorite is her gorgeous Hibiscus, inspired by a flower that was blooming in her yard. Appropriately her signature piece, the bright colors and delicate elegance personify Mrs. Cooper herself. 


Watercolor painting is unique in that the artist must work with the water to move the pigment around on her canvas. "The actual technical aspect of how watercolor works is that the light shoots through your brushstroke of color, hits the paper,and bounces back through the pigment giving you the color ." TheArtistsRoad

Summer Fare

    • Summer Fare
    • orignial watercolor print
    • available in 5x7 or 4x6 card

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